As i am getting my blog up to date again, i would like to share a story from my never ending childhood curiosity, regarding ” the other world ” or what i like to call it, ” the parallel universe “….

As most of my friends around the world knows, i have always been sensitive to especially that world, and have my share of experiences.

For those who don’t know me that well, i have been cooperating with “Ghost Hunters ” for years, for scientific research from the Center of Paranormal, in London.

Our job is mainly to record and video tape, everything that we have come across, and or experienced.

Starting my own “near death ” experience many years ago, i had a minor accident, being hospitalized, waking up on intensive care, being told i had been dead a few minutes…

i remember waking up, being so annoyed by tubes stuck everywhere, i pulled it out and sat up, reaching for something, i saw from ” the other side” i don’t quite remember what, only to see my grandmother sitting next to me, she was a very spiritual and wise woman, possibly the strongest person I’ve ever know.

i remember feeling no pain, and was ready to walk right out and go home.

Here is my first encounter with the paranormal:

When i was about 5 years old, my brother shared a room with me, having colic, so i often woke at midnight, trying to comfort him.

one night i for some reason, went to the living room, and whir standing there, an old woman dressed in white with something that looked like ballerina shoes, hanging on her feet, her floating above ground, i got scared and hid under the living room table, only for her to float over and bend down looking at me under the table…..

in that moment my dad came running in, asking me to go to sleep, pulled me out, and the lady vanished. i never told my parents, but years later, my mum said to me ” don’t you remember having that guardian angel, when you where a kid ” .