Finally my website is up and running(thanks to my dear friend Rafael that turned 3 days into 3 weeks, being the “party girl” he is haha).

This summer has been quite a balance to master, but so many exciting things following, with everything i have worked on creating, yet it took me a little to get back to my usual NYC self, after a rather peaceful, laid back, though painfully boring time in my home country, Denmark, where time, yet view, is all you have, so i reflected a lot, but coming back to the hectic city, was more stressful than ever, so i realized it took me a few weeks to leave my shadow, and get my electric self back, powerfully recharged.However i am more motivated and driven than ever, and for those who does not know about current projects, please check my bio in “about”…..:)The other day i had the great pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman, and amazing Artist, Caroline, http://www.carolinebergonzi.com, She creates powerful metallic sculptures in all sizes, and her biggest piece is standing tall in the form of a great Phoenix, at Riverside and 68 street. Caroline herself, is originally from Monaco.photo 5

photo 3

I factually met myself another ” Gran Danoise ”  a sweet flower child named Valentin, and she and I have decided to stick together, and find us a townhouse near the waterfront in New Jersey, living in the city is chaotic, as much as dirty, and i heard a parot talk about the better space and air “over there”.

Finally, but not least we have our upcoming yearly Classic Car Rally coming up, just before i leave for Europe and the Amalfi Coast or Santorini, to get my new book going;One can only hope that Tarik Wildman is in his (these days rarely) behavioral mote, not to speak of his 12 sexy cars, that has loyally been following around the world.

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