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Cecilia Black

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Hi Cecilia, welcome back to our website, i know you have more news for us…about your work.
“Thank you dear, i definitely have great and exciting news.

What are the new important developments in your business/career?
“I am currently working on a few entreprenour projects, one is my psychological book, which is called ‘The Aspect of Abnormal’ and is about Freud psychology and my opinion on conservative psychology being ‘out of date’ and how abnormal psychology has become modern psychology, in a smooth transaction.
We as human beings, have evolved or rather expanded to a level, that our diagnostics can not follow, and abnormal is the new normal, people are getting more complicated, its in our new DNA, and as spirituality has grown and created better awareness in people, interested in bringing consciousness to the highest level, we are becoming more creative, however more sensitive to our surroundings.
I have a business trip to Alexandria in Egypt, very soon, to meet up with a potential partner, to create my own Egyptian jewelry line.
I have been drawn to the Ancient Egypt and the Mayans, since i was a teenager, and i have carried a big ‘Eye of RA’ in a gold chain, for 15 years now, ‘the eye of RA’ was the ancient god who stood for protection, strength, and immortality. Recently my grandmother gave me a beautifully handcrafted golden Egyptian ring, which is also 15 years old.
I value jewelry with a history, and mostly see it as a symbol, an energetic power, that can help manifest your purpose in life, and puts you on the right frequenzy.
I have am exhited to say, that i have been offered my own column at NYC Entrepreneur Magazine, to write about Fashion, Travel, and perhaps psychology.
I have such a passion for writing, it gives me the flexibility to move freely, enjoying the mystery of the world, spending my days or evenings, by the ocean, or any beautiful view, boosting my creative ideas, taking a walk in a mysterious forest with my little dog, when i am not keeping up on scientific developments or the super natural of the world”.
And modeling?
“Modeling is fun and makes me a perfectionist, but i do not do that much ‘still work’ at the moment, however i do walk in fashion shows, and have photo sessions lol. Next month i am doing a shoot for Maxim, see thats the fun part”.

A woman so busy, where do you find energy to do it all? What is your secret?
“Funny, i actually do not feel too busy, probably because there is no line between work and play for me; i have always had a creative mind set and i am a classic HSP personality, which means i have been focused from an early age, wanting to explore my curiosity for life, i sleep a lot, take care of myself, so i have more energy doing the day, to be constructive and strategic about my day, and the things i need or want to do”.
Now, do you need every day long 48 hours not 24 hours, to do all!
“I don’t work all the time, rather in concentrations, but when i do, we work 12 hours a day on set, or when writing or developing creative projects,i am usually at some rooftop with a great view, or at home with the laptop, but i definitly have a different schedule, but rarely have to get up early”.

And about love? Always single or have you found your soul mate?
“Honestly, i have gotten used to the carefree nature of being single, but i am never alone.
I see similar qualities in my friends, as i would look for in a partner, only thing is, that i know exactly what i want, nevertheless what it takes for me to be better in a relationship, than not, so far, not many has convinced me, or challenged me enough.
However, as the saying goes ‘you can not judge a book by its cover’ it seems to me that people have a rather primitive approach to each other these days, rather than having a focus on the most important intellectual chemistry, and i easily feel provoced by ‘less evolved’ men.
In other words, i need a highly intelligent intellectual, with the same interests as myself”.
Which are your future work projects?
“As for the entertainment industry, my beloved playground, that truly allows me to constructively spend my high level of energy (at least mentality) lol.
Well, i have a few upcoming movies, but i cannot talk about it just yet, but my private project, that will hopefully turn into a work passion as well, is my interest for Art, and i am starting Art classes in october in New York.
I have always felt drawn to historical Art, so taking classes in abstract Art, is new to me, but i value it deeply.
I have a desire to create beautiful paintings in a buddhistic style, in the name of love”.

Your friend Claudia Romani is now in tv in Paris in the ‘Secret Story’ and you? It is a decide for you to participate in similar tv show?
“I definitely admire Claudia`s passion and drive for her work, and I’m sure we both agree, that if your work is your passion, or you are your work, it brings it to a whole new level, which the more conservative people do not understand, it is about finding freedom to make your work into play.
Both Claudia and I, left Europe for a reason, as i am or have been so very misunderstood, not taken seriously, it kills electric souls like us, that knows there is more to life, than the standard prescription on how to live the narrow-minded way.
I do not like to participate in Shows like big brother and the secret story, because i would feel trapped, and do not like to feel cut of from my surroundings”
In New York or on a trip trough all of USA?
“I recently got an Agency in NYC, and the owner of it, is a warm hearted person, that you can tell, genuinely cares about his actors, he also specializes in european talents.
Also i have an Agency in Amsterdam, but the last year or so, i have mostly been in NYC, and since all my friends, and professional network, are all here, and have been through the last 5 years i have spent here, this is where i need to be.
But i often spent a month at a time,in Europe, Italy,Denmark, Spain, and yet have wonderful places to go, but i have since child, always been traveling around the world with my parents, so i have already seen most of the world”.
And your summer holidays? Which countries or cities have you visited?
“I am actually leaving NYC in a week, to spend a few weeks in my home town, and then my plan is for my little dog and I, to go to Santorini or Capri a few weeks”.

Writer or journalist or psychologist or jewelry or actress or art teacher or painter? Tell me, who is Cecilia?
“Well, i believe the right title for a multi talent, is ‘entrepreneur’, so that is what i use myself lol”.

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